Processes & Policies

Our Guaranteed

1. Upon Signing your contract, a deposit of 50% of the total contract amount is due. FID will send you an invoice upon receiving payment for you to review your order. A convenience fee of 3.5% to all credit card transactions.


2. A first round CAD design with the design that you have chosen per your contract will be emailed to you within 1-3 business days. There is a 5-cad revision maximum, after which, there will be a $55.00 charge foreach additional cad revision or new design. Once FID has received the approved CAD, the approved CAD is then sent off to start production.


3. An FID representative will come and do a final measure of your unit. At this time, we will discuss installation, trim, paint, alarm systems, etc. Freedom Iron Doors is solely responsible for all build to specifications. If this is a new build, please see the contractor for further information. (FREEDOM WILLRECEIVE ALL BUILD TO SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FROM THE BUILDER).


4. Freedom will send you a final CAD via DocuSign. The CAD must be signed and returned. Once Freedom has received the signed approved CAD the unit will be released into production. This date initiates the Approx.Production lead time 18-20 weeks from signed / approved CAD date does not contract date.PLEASE NOTE: ETA’S ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS THERE CAN BE DELAYS IN TRANSIT, FREEDOM CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR 3RD PARTY DELAYS or delays out of Freedoms control.


5. During production time is the quietest time. Once the order is completed and prepped for packaging and shipping. Freedom will contact & provide current FID customers with photos of their completed unit and inform them of the shipment dates, and important shipment information.


6. Once Freedom has scanned and inventoried the shipment, an FID representee will contact you within 3-5 business days to set up delivery and installation. The FID installers will arrive at your home between 9-10am unless otherwise informed. Please provide the office staff of gate code, notify guard shack or any special instructions, for our team to gain access to the home.


7. Payment: 40% will be due at the time of the delivery of the unit. We CAN NOT begin demolition or installation until this amount is paid. You will receive a paid invoice via email upon payment.


8. Please ensure that ALL furniture, rugs, wall décor / art is removed, and all animals are secured during the installation process. FREEDOM IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS NOT PROPERLY REMOVED OR STOREDPRIOR TO INSTALLATION. If customers / homeowners are using a 3rd party for glass replacement of your transom unit and / or sidelights this will need to be done PRIOR to the installation.


9. The installation will be a full day process. After installation is completed the installation team is required to do a walkthrough of the unit and installation with the Homeowners. The FID representative will provide the homeowner with an installation checklist for the customer & installers to check and sign off that installation is complete and per their expectations. Freedom Iron Doors gives a 3-Day “Rework” period free of charge, it is the customer’s or homeowner’s responsibility to notify FID of any issues with their new custom wrought iron unit. After the 3-day grace period, the warranty is active, and all return calls for completed jobs will follow our warranty policy (please see attached warranty).


10. Upon Completion of the install, the install team will contact the office to give further details of what is to be completed at touchup. They will inform the office of any brickwork or special instructions. If brickwork is required the mason will be scheduled to review the work to be done, if customer does not have brick; FID will match new brick as close as possible to existing home. Customer MUST give permission to accept new brick before we can begin. Please be advised that homeowners do not need to be home during masonry work, since all is on the exterior of the home.


11. Final Payment: 10% Balance will be due upon arrival of FID painters @ Final Touch up. A FID rep will be scheduled after the completion of masonry work (if masonry is needed), where FID will paint the interior trim, exterior trim the same color of the door, touch up and clean door. If the homeowner would like paint color other than the color of the door, the customer will need to provide touchup/paint teams with ALL paint around your door. FID will NOT match or purchase any interior/exterior paint other than the same color to match the door. This includes wall(s), baseboard(s), or trim paint. The paint must be provided and at the house at the time of touch up. Our touchup team will then do a final walk through with the homeowner(s) to ensure everything is beautiful and as they dreamed; both the customer and FID team member will sign final completion paperwork. Freedom Iron Doors gives a 3-Day “Rework” period free of charge.


12. It is the customer’s/homeowner’s responsibility to notify FID of any issues with their new custom wrought iron unit. After the 3-day grace period the warranty is active (please see attached warranty). The warranty is not applicable on projects which are not paid for in full. You are welcome to give our touch up crew a check or call our office with your card information to complete final payment. If a customer has not contacted FID within 72 hours after the completed touchup and walkthrough, the warranty terms will apply.

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